The Mission Skeet & Trap Club, Inc., formerly the McAllen Gun Club, is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas on January 2, 1964.  The purpose of the club is to provide safe facilities for recreational and competitive shooting, hunter education and good fellowship.  Membership is open to citizens willing to take the club’s membership pledge.  The club’s membership year is from December 1 through November 30.  Yearly dues and NRA membership are required.


Officers of the club are elected during the annual membership meeting that is held on the last Monday of November.  Officers of the club include a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Pistol Director, Rifle Director, Skeet Director, Sporting Clays Director and Trap Director.  The above officers constitute a Board of Directors who manage the Club.  Monthly director’s meetings are held and are open to the membership.


The club is located ½ mile south of Expressway 83 on Conway Avenue (FM 1016) in Mission.  Look for the Mission Skeet & Trap Club signs on the west side of the road.  The club is open to the public on Sunday and Wednesday from noon to sunset.


The fee for shooting a round of skeet or trap (25 targets) is $6.00 for members.  Fees for shooting a round of 5-stand (25 targets) is $7.50 for members.  Shooting fees for nonmembers is $10.00 per round.  Tokens must be purchased for use on the ranges.  Tokens may be purchased from the range manager at the club's facilities.


The club has an archery range for members only.  The pistol range is open to members and to the general public.  Report to the manager at the clubhouse before using these two ranges.


All individuals using any of the ranges must complete a range orientation and safety program.


All individuals using any of the ranges are expected to assist in the maintenance of the facilities by picking up their empty shells/cartridges or any trash and disposing them properly.  Additionally, members using the shotgun sport ranges are expected to reload the machines with targets when they are finished shooting on days when the range manager is not on duty.


Ear and eye protection is required on all gun ranges.  Guns should be pointed in a safe direction down range when loaded.  Additional range rules are posted throughout the club grounds.  These rules are approved by the Board of Directors and must be followed.


Remember, SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility.




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